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  • 工作地點
    Hong Kong
    Current:1 Page
    Description of job
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the product development of notebook computers, tablet computers, netbooks, and the R&D and design of hardware parts at various stages, including circuit schematic design, design document archiving, circuit debugging and testing, responsible for tracking and resolving hardware related projects throughout the life cycle of the project technical problem;
    2. Work closely with engineers in other fields to ensure that the overall hardware circuit design indicators are achieved on time and meet the reliability and consistency requirements;
    3. The selection, verification and cost control of the element used in the design scheme;
    4. Participate in hardware pre-research and technology accumulation.
    1. Under 35 years old, college degree or above;
    2. Have more than 5 years of experience in hardware planning, design and development of server products/solutions;
    3. Work experience in the hardware of the products of excellent notebook computers, tablet computers, netbooks and other companies in the industry;
    4. Proficient in the hardware development process of X86 architecture products, and participated in the product hardware development of major projects of notebook product brand companies or ODM companies;
    5. Familiar with the certification process and content of various certifications related to server products (such as CCC, CE, UL);
    6. Familiar with the layout requirements of the Inel X86 architecture motherboard, with experience in Layout inspection and assistance, and experience in signal integrity analysis and verification is preferred;
    7. Have good communication and expression skills, document writing skills and teamwork spirit, and have a high degree of professional initiative and responsibility.
    Description of job
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Independently responsible for maintaining and developing customers in overseas regions;
    2. Undertake regional sales tasks; train regional sales teams;
    3. Successful cases of independent development customers with laptops or tablets;
    4. Have basic market analysis and development capabilities, can effectively manage customers, have
    Excellent negotiation skills, explanatory power, affinity;
    5. Familiar with the trade export process, full of enthusiasm for foreign trade work, creative, proactive, and good at discovering opportunities;
    6. Strong execution, strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, and strong ability to withstand pressure;
    7. Participate in domestic and international exhibitions (Hong Kong exhibition, American CES exhibition) and win orders through various channels.
    Job requirements:
    1. Under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above;
    2. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, CET-6 or CET-8;
    3. Good at communication, strong in expression, logical and organized;
    4. International trade or business English major is preferred;
    5. Experience in overseas sales of laptops and tablets.
    Description of job
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for sales and payment of notebook computers, tablet computers and other products;
    2. Complete the performance indicators issued by the company on time, and independently complete the sales tasks of the headquarters;
    3. Complete the construction, management and maintenance of the industry in charge;
    4. Maintain good business communication with customers while maintaining customer relations.
    job requirements:
    1. College degree or above; more than two years of experience in tablet or notebook computer products industry;
    2. Active and enterprising, courageous to take responsibility, and have strong anti-stress ability;
    3. Good learning ability, strong communication and coordination ability, good teamwork spirit;
    4. Familiar with the resources of the tablet computer and notebook computer industries, and relevant network connections are preferred.
    Description of job
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Participate in the company's product project establishment and feasibility analysis, formulate a project plan, and define the tasks of each stage of the project;
    2. Responsible for the progress, quality and risk control of the entire project;
    3. Lead the project technical support work, including project ID review, structure review, mold review, hardware, software review and other work coordination and technical support, and regularly summarize and report on the progress of project development;
    4. According to the R&D progress, lead the trial production of EVT/DVT/PVT stage and promote the project to MP.
    Job requirements:
    1. Under 35 years old, college degree or above, major in science and engineering, with certain English reading and writing skills;
    2. More than three years of PM working experience in consumer electronic products (such as tablet computers, laptop computers, all-in-one computers, netbooks, etc.), familiar with the product specifications of Intel roadmap and Intel platforms;
    3. Have certain knowledge of hardware, software and structure, and those with hardware development work experience are preferred;
    4. Good attitude, strong communication and coordination ability, proactive, and courageous to take responsibility.